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Zoe Romper

Show Me Your Mumu

Welcome to your own little nirvana. With that dark background and soft pink petals and olive green leave Courtney Loves Roses is perfect for show hopping and afterparty dancing. Wear all your pewter and silver with gems and jewels to glitter and glisten all night long.

Oh, Zoe, we are so happy you are here! No one but us knows that you are a romper, it’s just who you are! And the way you are gathered around the wrists, gives you that little charm and sophistication we’ve been craving. We love the way you look with some ankle strap platforms and a drop necklace. How are you just entering our lives now?!

*100% Rayon
*Lined in shorts and chest
*Elastic Wrists
*Cinched waist with adjustable tie
*Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended


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